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Hours & Tuition Info

*Important Update

Effective:  11/10/2023 some of our rates will change. The information below represents our new preschool tuition rates.

If you have any questions, please contact our preschool office HERE.

Registration & Holding Fees

  • Registration Fee: $50.00 ($25.00 Wait List, $25.00 Upon Enrollment

  • Holding Fee: $50.00 (This is a non-refundable fee to ensure a space for your child if he/she is not attending the summer session but returning for the next school year.)

Monthly Tuition Rates

  • Full Time (Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM-5:00 PM): $1125.00

  • 3-Day Part Time (M/W/F): $775.00

  • 2-Day Part Time (T/Th): $510.00

School Year Fees

  • Comprehensive Fee Full Time​: $300.00

  • Comprehensive Fee (3-Day) Part Time: $180.00

  • Comprehensive Fee (2-Day) Part Time: $120.00

  • Comprehensive Fee Deposit: $100.00 (Deposit is to hold place of enrollment, to be credited towards yearly fee.) 

  • Please note that Comprehensive School Year Fees help pay for excursions, classroom supplies, etc. 

Additional Fees

  • Delinquent Tuition Payment Fee: $10.00 (Note: Tuition is due every 6th of the month. Tuition not paid by the 6th of the month will be delinquent.)

  • Returned Check Fee: $30.00 (A maximum of two returned checks will be accepted per school year. Subsequent payments must be made via cashier's check, money order, or cash.)

  • Late Care Charge: $10.00 (For the first 15 minutes or part thereof plus another $10.00 fee charged for each additional 15 minutes or part thereof.)

  • Excel Church Preschool T-Shirt (Required): $10.00 (The purchase of at least one school t-shirt is required for your child to wear on school excursions/events.)

  • Birthday Book Club (Optional): $10.00 (In lieu of parties, we would like to encourage literacy by dedicating a book in your child's name.)

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